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The Frame Blog founded by frame historian Lynn Roberts in 2012, publishes excellent essays devoted to the study of antique picture frames of all eras and nation ... alities alongside interviews and reviews. The most recent instalment from Roberts is a wonderful review of two articles from The Burlington Magazine addressing 19th and 20th century Italian framemakers. She dissects Karen Serres Duveens Italian Framemaker, Ferruccio Vannoni from our recent May issue alongside Nicholas Pennys 1998 Burlington article, The study and imitation of old picture frames. Dubbed illuminating by Serres herself, the full review can be found here and is on our list of highly recommended reading https// Об этом сообщает со ссылкой на СМИ.

Readers can also peruse the The Frame Blogs extensive archive for articles on frames https//

Sviatoslav Yarynych

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